Trans: Latin prefix implying "across" or "Beyond", often used in gender nonconforming situations – Scend: Archaic word describing a strong "surge" or "wave", originating with 15th century english sailors – Survival: 15th century english compound word describing an existence only worth transcending.

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While at a safe distance…

...Playing with Bandlab's Sonar reboot --> morning metal ....Frankly the whole suite (yes, Melodyne, the whole nine yards) is way better than when it was with the late Cakewalk, and its all free now. PSA!

...Unexpected success with
Nylon 680 FDA {3mm @ .8} for some rather delicate parts:

...Yet another improved pi monitoring sketch, currently in production w/ polycarbonate & 1/4"... ...or to quote Mad-eye Moody, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" 🙂


Canon: Conquered

Over 14 years ago, Lim Jeong-hyun posted a cover of Pachelbel's Canon in South Korea, where it eventually filtered through the inter-webnet of old into Youtube.

I saw this video in its infancy, and soon began to learn guitar too.

5 years later I recorded my first cover of Pachelbel's Canon.

Another 5 years passed (2016 at this point) before I began recording a second cover, posting this muse and this percolation on the subject.   While most attempts were futile....

...I made it through the whole song by take # 1,394  (2017 at this point):

Some more years go by and here we are today: