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An efficient CLI for Pi devices

Emulate, organize, burn, manage a variety of distributions for Raspberry Pi.

clipi is an interactive command line application designed to streamline the deployment of Raspberry Pi devices. clipi is written in Python for Debian-based operating systems, with experimental support for Mac OS via brew.

Choose your own adventure....

clipi virtualizes many common sbc operating systems with QEMU. Select from any of the included distributions (or add your own to /!) and clipi will handle the rest. xD

clipi builds and maintains organized directories for each OS as well as a persistent QEMU disk image. Too many huge .iso files? clipi cleans up after itself too under the Utilities... menu.

clipi burns bootable disks too. Just insert a sd card or disk and follow the friendly prompts.

  • Need to pre-configure wifi? Add your ssid and password to /wpa_supplicant.conf and copy the file to /boot in the freshly burned disk.

  • Need pre-enabled ssh? copy /ssh to /boot too.

clipi can find the addresses of all the Raspberry Pi devices on your local network. Need to do this a lot? clipi can install itself as a Bash alias, fire it up whenever you want xD

# clone:
git clone
cd clipi

# preheat:
pip install -r requirements.txt

# begin cooking some Pi: