Trans: Latin prefix implying "across" or "Beyond", often used in gender nonconforming situations – Scend: Archaic word describing a strong "surge" or "wave", originating with 15th century english sailors – Survival: 15th century english compound word describing an existence only worth transcending.

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Canon: Conquered

Over 14 years ago, Lim Jeong-hyun posted a cover of Pachelbel's Canon in South Korea, where it eventually filtered through the inter-webnet of old into Youtube.

I saw this video in its infancy, and soon began to learn guitar too.

5 years later I recorded my first cover of Pachelbel's Canon.

Another 5 years passed (2016 at this point) before I began recording a second cover, posting this muse and this percolation on the subject.   While most attempts were futile....

...I made it through the whole song by take # 1,394  (2017 at this point):

Some more years go by and here we are today:


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